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Powder Mixer System PM/PMV


The solution to almost any problem when mixing powders and liquids.

Fristam Powder Mixers are specifically designed for dissolving, emulsifying and homogenising dry and wet ingredients into fluids.

They achieve perfect, homogeneous and smooth textures, are hygienic, extremely efficient and economical. They are also fully capable of CIP and SIP.


Supported by a base frame, a self-priming centrifugal Fristam FZ pump (series PM) or a Fristam FL3 positive displacement pump (series PMV) is connected to a Fristam shear pump. From a funnel the powder is drawn directly into the fluid product stream and then homogenised. An ergonomically designed table facilitates manual powder feeding. If equipped with specific control systems, the powder mixers can be integrated into fully automated systems. We also supply adapters for fully or semi-automatic feeding via big bags, crew converters and other conveyer systems.


  • 5 different sizes of the PM series
  • 3 different sizes of the PMV series
  • Powder intake up to 10 t/h
Powder Mixer System PM/PMV
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