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Van hoi nóng Klinger

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Van hoi nóng Klinger

Giá bán : Liên Hệ

KLINGER piston valves KVN

Due to constant technical product improvement, KLINGER is the leading manufacturer of piston valves. Different types of connections (flange, threat, butt and socket weld ends) and piston valves produced according to DIN and ANSI standards complete the wide product range of KLINGER's industrial valves.

Product advantages:

  • Reliable, leak-tight shut off - in line and to the atmosphere
  • Unique robust construction principle
  • No wear on sealing surfaces
  • Insensitive to impurity
  • Long service life and optimised life cycle costs
  • Excellent regulation of flow
  • Maintenance free
  • Slightest emissions (TA-Luft, EPA) - increasing plant efficiency and reducing loss of operating media
  • Valve remains in line if replacement of seat rings and internal parts are necessary
  • Designed for automation using electro-mechanic or pneumatic actuators 

Operating media:

  • Steam and superheated water
  • Miscellaneous types of gases (e.g. Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, etc.)
  • Heat transfer oils
  • Chemicals

Fields of operation:

  • District heating
  • Refinery
  • Steel production
  • Petrochemical
  • Chemistry
  • Production of tobacco
  • Food and beverage

Product approvals:

  • Type approval acc. to VdTÜV 1065
  • Fire safe tested according to API 6F and EN ISO 10497
  • Emission control acc. to TA-Luft requirements 
  • Fugitive emissions successfully tested acc. to EN ISO 15848
  • Emissions successfully tested acc. to VDI 2440
  • TR-Certificatel
  • Aprroved for oxygen service 

Special types and accessory:

  • Heating jacket for media with high viscosity
  • Actuators (electro-mechanically and pneumatically operated)
  • Equipment for flow regulation (up to DN 50: regulating piston; beginning with DN 65: regulating lantern bush)

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