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Bơm Trục Liền Rovatti

Mã sản phẩm : Bơm Cấp Nước Liền Trục Rovatti

Mô tả :

Bơm Trục Liền Rovatti

Giá bán : Liên Hệ

ROVATTI Pumps exceeding EN733

Single-stage bareshaft centrifugal pumps with

Characteristics exceeding EN733 standards

Q max 470 m3/h

H max  145 m

P2 max 90 Kw

DNm     32 ►125

Efficiency at the top of the market ■ Microcasted stainless steel or carbon steel impellers

■ Multiple bearings lubrication options

■ High capacity range

■ Available both with mechanical seal or packed gland

■ Packed gland version with Twinner System

Typical applications

■ Water supply■ Firefighting systems■ Conditioning systems ■ Cooling water systems ■ General industry■ Irrigation systems

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